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Course introduction by Bernie
watch-button   CourseIntroFeaturedCourse introduction - What's it all about?


The Equipment - here's what you need to get going
watch-button   FlashesAndCamerasCameras and Flashes - Just what cameras and flashes are suitable?
watch-button   StandsAndBracketsStands and Brackets - Where to put the flashes and how to mount them
watch-button   Triggering PosterTriggering the flashes - There are several methods, some cheaper or more reliable than others!
watch-button   LightModifiersFeaturedLight modifiers - Use Umbrellas and softboxes etc... to modify the light
freeplay2   flashat105make the most of your umbrella or large modifier - Flashes are small, modifiers can be large, so avoid this problem
watch-button   LightMetersPoster1Using a light meter - Do you need one?


Manual mode and the five aspects of off-camera flash exposure
watch-button   ManualModePosterManual mode and why it's best for off-camera flash photography
watch-button   AperturesPosterApertures and an introduction to exposure
freeplay2   ShutterSpeedsPosterShutter speed and its role in off camera flash photography
watch-button   ISO PosterISO and its role in off camera flash photography

watch-button   FlashPowerPosterFlash power - nailing it for perfect exposures

watch-button   InverseSquareLawPosterFlash to subject distance and its effect on exposure

watch-button   SyncSpeedAndHSSMaximum flash sync speed and High Speed Sync


Indoor Photo Sessions
watch-button   IndoorShoot1 - SimpleSetupPosterSession 1 - Simple one light setup

freeplay2   IndoorShoot2 - ControlBackgroundPosterSession 2 - Controlling light spill on the background

watch-button   IndoorShoot3 - CloserLight PosterSession 3 - Lighting the background

watch-button   IndoorShoot4 - GelBackground posterSession 4 - Colouring the background using gels

watch-button   IndoorShoot5 - FillLight posterSession 5 - Using a fill light to open up the shadows

watch-button   IndoorShoot6 - Clamshell PosterSession 6 - Stunning beauty light using a clam-shell lighting setup

watch-button   IndoorShoot7 - HardLight PosterSession 7 - Get an edgier feel by using a harder light source

watch-button   IndoorShoot8 - LightingPatternsFeaturedSession 8 - Portrait lighting patterns

watch-button   IndoorShoot9- HouseholdObjectsPosterSession 9 - Use household objects to get stunning graphic backgrounds

watch-button   IndoorShoot10 - HoneycombgridFeaturedSession 10 - Using a honeycomb grid to create dramatic portraits

watch-button   IndoorShoot11 - WhiteBackgroundPosterSession 11 - How to get a whiter than white background
watch-button   IndoorShoot12 - TriflectorSession 12 - Stunning beauty light using a Tri-Flector lighting setup


Outdoor photo sessions
freeplay2   ExposureIntroFeaturedExposure introduction - Balancing the ambient and flash light
freeplay2   HSSandNDFiltersFeaturedHigh Speed Sync and ND filters - The pros and cons

freeplay2   OutdoorShoot1 - Between the TreesFeaturedSession 1 - Balancing ambient light with flash, between the trees

watch-button   NarrowGaugerailwayFeaturedSession 2 - Balancing ambient light with flash, Narrow Gauge Railway

watch-button   OutdoorShoot - DramaticSkiesFeaturedSession 3 - Dramatic portraits using the sky as background

watch-button   OutdoorShoot5 - HSSBandstand featuredSession 4 - High Speed Sync - Wide apertures in bright sunshine

watch-button   OutdoorShoot4 - ShuttersFeaturedSession 5 - Graphic / Grungy backgrounds - Window or shop shutters

watch-button   OutdoorShoot6 - GraffitiFeaturedSession 6 - Graphic / Grungy backgrounds - Graffiti

watch-button   OutdoorShoot7 - BrickWallFeaturedSession 7 - Graphic / Grungy backgrounds - A Brick wall


Bonus video on Product photography using off camera flash
watch-button   DIYProductBoxFeaturedDIY product photography setup