Tips, Tricks and some great ideas for amazing wedding photos

After I'd photographed many weddings, I realised that I had planned out in my mind many of the type of photos that I wanted to capture. This course shows the result of that planning. Amazing wedding photos, some staged, but natural looking and many more that can only be captured when you know the moments are coming.

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When you first arrive, bride's dress and shoes
Dress and Shoes

Bernie did it again!
I absolutely LOVED this course. His teaching is simple, thorough, entertaining and packed with tons of helpful recommendations. I am doing my first wedding in a couple of weeks and after watching this and downloading the pdf photos at the end to study and keep in my head for the wedding day, I feel very confident that I will do just fine at the wedding. ALL of his courses are wonderful! I can hardly wait for the next one! HE IS A FANTASTIC TEACHER!!! Gotta love his cute sense of humor too! 🙂

Great course
.....FINALLY a course where we get to hear the 'real deal' rather than what we can read in a book. Thanks.
Valuable Info
I like the way you show the images with camera setting of how it came up to look the way it did. Great course in all
Great Course
This is the best wedding photographer course on Udemy, I know what I say as I have enrolled into good few, if you have not been in photography before, this is the one, in addition just the another course of Bernie - Become a better photographer part I or even better start from it
Great Course
The style looks very relaxed. I hate posed photos with a passion and these look extremely natural. Just what I was after. Seeing the camera settings on each shot is brilliant.