Dramatically improve your portraits with these easy relaxed posing techniques.

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Course introduction by Bernie
watch-button   IntroductionCourse introduction - What's it all about?


Family poses, mum dad children and larger families
watch-button   MumDadChildren1PosterPosing mum, dad and 2 children - Part I
watch-button   MumDadChildren2PosterPosing mum, dad and 2 children - Part II
watch-button   LargeFamiliesPoster1Large or extended family posing – Part I
watch-button   LargeFamiliesPoster2Large or extended family posing – Part II
watch-button   Larger Families GalleryGallery of large or extended family poses
watch-button   FamilyStandingPosingRayJanePosterPosing for mum, dad and 2 older children, Part I - Standing Poses (repeated from older course)
freeplay2   FamilySeatedPosingRayJanePosterPosing for mum, dad and 2 older children, Part II - Seated Poses (repeated from older course)


Individual male and female poses
watch-button   Men1PosterIndividual male poses – Part I
watch-button   Men1PosterIndividual male poses – Part II
watch-button   Women1PosterIndividual female poses – Part I
watch-button   Women1PosterIndividual female poses – Part II
watch-button   Women OCF PosterFemale poses with some great off-camera flash lighting
watch-button   FemalePosingToriLaraPosterIndividual female poses (repeated from my general photography course)

watch-button   HeadandShouldersPosterHead and Shoulders posing, tips and tricks

watch-button   HeadshotsPosterGet a better closeup headshot with a strong jawline


Posing couples
watch-button   CouplesStanding1PosterPosing couples standing up – Part I

watch-button   CouplesStanding2PosterPosing couples standing up – Part II

watch-button   CouplesStanding3PosterPosing couples standing up – Part III

watch-button   CouplesStanding4posterPosing couples standing up – Part IV

watch-button   PlusSizedCouplePosterPosing ‘Fuller Figure’ couples (and a dog)


Posing Siblings
freeplay2   YoungerSiblingsPosterPosing younger siblings

watch-button   OlderSiblingsPosterPosing older siblings


This is a terrific, packed video series by Bernie on posing people for portraits! Great learning opportunities include live video shoots of Bernie posing and talking to the subjects, explaining and showing us what works in various poses, and what doesn't, tips & tricks on using body position, triangles & lines, and many other techniques to get great shots of groups and couples. Bernie tells you what works, shows why it works, then provides downloadable reference handouts of various poses & photos we watched him set up. My head is swimming with ideas to try!

stars-5Bernie gives best value
I have purchased all of Bernie's classes. This posing class is like all the others. He provides excellent materials and with his British home style humour, he makes the instruction both educational but fun also. He breaks the sessions into short sections to ease repeating sessions to review valuable tidbits over and over

stars-5Family posing
The content is both comprehensive and informative, including the instructor's delivery which makes the course interesting and engaging. Bernie never fails to give value for money in all his courses. Enjoyed being with you Bernie.

stars-5Great Tips
Great tips, clear instructions and useful resources. I also like that the photographer sometimes recognizes when even his own ideas of poses don't work in a particular situation, so he points out his mistakes and comments on what would have been a better pose.

stars-5This Was a Great Class
I loved all the poses! I loved the fact that he was recording while doing the photo shoots, and explaining why he did what he did, and what does not work and why, and what does work and why. This was a great class. If you are looking for a class to teach you how to pose couples, kids, families, and big groups, then this is the course for you! 🙂
Cheryl Smith