A set of over 50 video tutorials of photography tips and tricks

Each video demonstrates one specific DSLR or compact camera photography tip. This course is aimed at amateur photographers from beginners through to enthusiasts.

● Photography training that works
● See immediate improvements in your photos
● Easy to follow and understand, with a fun teaching style
● All boring bits removed (well, most of them anyway!)

These photography tips deal with a wide range of subjects, and surprisingly, some of the more powerful tips are completely non-technical in nature. You need to be a paid member to get full access to the courses, but there are several FREE photography training videos that you can try out first, watch them and see for yourself just how good some of these photography tips and tricks are.

Although there are explanations of basic camera settings on this course, the emphasis is on better use of light, composition and posing. Therefore, for most of the tips it doesn't matter what type of camera you use, be it a DSLR, Mirrorless or Compact Camera.

You can see the full curriculum here but briefly here are some of the general topics covered in this course:-

● Understand the 'Exposure Triangle' and get out of the Auto mode.
● Get incredible natural portrait lighting with this one simple pro tip that will flatter your subjects
● Get sharper images with better focusing technique and use of shutter speeds
● Working with natural light and dealing with the sun
● How understanding the direction of light can dramatically improve your photos
● How to use composition to take more dramatic and creative images
● Flatter your family and friends with some great posing tips (individual and group posing)
● How to improve your flash photography
● Controlling depth of field and the 'block of focus'
● How to get blue skies in your photos instead of washed out white skies
● How to take better photos in the snow
● How to avoid camera shake and get sharper images
● How to take photos of fireworks
● The myth of megapixels and image quality
● Digital cameras and their settings
.... and many more!

I'm amazed!
Just kicked myself, that is a brilliant tip, how did I not think of it? These videos are brilliant!


Excellent course
I picked up this course because I want to move my photographic skills forward. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. After watching the entire thing, even those parts I already knew, I can give this a solid five-star rating.

Bernie is a hoot! He knows his material, presents it well, and is witty to boot. It's a great combination in a teacher.

The material varies from entry level to parts appropriate for any skill level. Much of the material I already knew, but if you're just getting to know your way around a camera, those lessons will help you figure things out. He also covers the basic photographic triad of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture for exposure control. Pay attention to those lessons on light as well.

The parts I found most valuable had to do with posing. He has some great tips for those of us who take formal or informal portraits. Pay particular attention to those lessons if you are interested in portraits of individuals or small groups.

All in all, this is a great course, and although it's probably best for those who are just learning basic photographic concepts, there are really great some nuggets in there for more advanced photographers as well.