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Once enrolled, use the Chat Window to ask questions or discuss problems (preferably photography related!), whenever I'm online.

Tips, Tricks & Ideas for Stunning Portraits using Natural Light & Flash.

Live sessions with Models, Families & Children

Course introduction by Bernie
watch-button What's it all about? - Course Introduction
watch-button Understand the fundamental portrait lighting patterns
watch-button Best camera and lens settings for portraits (repeated from previous course)
Beautiful Portraits using Window Light
watch-button Window Light - Shooting Parallel to Window
watch-button Window Light - Shooting with Window Behind
watch-button Window Light - Shooting Directly into the Window
(Mostly Natural Light) Location Sessions in a rural environment
freeplay2 Pippa - Session 1 - Under a tree - The Alpine look
watch-button Pippa - Session 2 - On a bridge - Adding Depth
watch-button Pippa - Session 3 - By a local Lake - Natural Light and Off Camera Flash
watch-button Pippa - Session 4 - Grungy Environment at back of a supermarket
(Mostly Natural Light) Location Sessions in an urban environment
watch-button Em Session 1 - Outside office building in city centre
watch-button Em Session 2 - Ugly courtyard outside office building in city
watch-button Em Session 3 - Outside another office building in city centre
watch-button Em Session 4 - Shooting against the outside of air-conditioning plant
watch-button TopShade and Dramatic Light
Expressions and Posing discussions
<freeplay2 17 tips for great expresseions
watch-button The positive impact of Negative Space
watch-button 6 reasons why you should mostly take portraits in landscape orientation
Families and Children - Live Sessions in the park
watch-button Follow me on a family location photo session – Part I
watch-button Follow me on a family location photo session – Part II
watch-button Follow me on a location photo session with two young boys
Maternity Photography
freeplay2 Introduction to maternity photography
watch-button Maternity Photography session 1 - Katie standing against the light
watch-button Maternity Photography session 2 - Katie wearing lingerie, on sofa
watch-button   Maternity Photography session 3 - Katie wearing large white shirt, on bed
watch-button   Maternity Photography session 4 - Katie not wearing much at all!
On-Camera Flash
watch-button Moodier, more creative light using 'The Black Foamy Thing'
Off Camera Flash
watch-button Beautiful light, courtesy of a shopping bag
watch-button Moody rainy day indoor portrait
watch-button Film Noir style mobster
watch-button How to get a black background anywhere
Course Conclusion
watch-button Me talking Course conclusion

stars-5I'm a Big Fan
This is now my 3rd course with Bernie and I'm already a big fan of his open friendly way to communicate with people. And of course he has great tips to get the best of light and shadows for the portraits. What I really like in his courses is the possibility to take great photos with non-expensive equipment. Time to practice now for me 🙂

stars-5Helped Me a Lot
Helped me a lot in understanding different lighting techniques / angles, course offered more perspectives. Will definitely enroll more courses with Mr. Raffe.

stars-5Helped Me a Lot
Great tips and live examples, got a very good idea about on location and indoor portraits with and without flash. Will apply this on my next shoot. Bernie has great experience, he takes very good shots with ease and can create a good pic from even very grungy outdoors envornments. He understands the light & composition very well, along with posing techniques and is good in explaining them to us students watching his videos

stars-5Lively and Entertaining
Bernie obviously knows the material, and is able to convey ideas in simple terms. His British wit keeps the tone lively and entertaining, while he keeps on point.

stars-5Lively and Entertaining
A very informative course and I've learnt a whole lot. I am going to practice the things that you did and this course also gave me ideas when I am shooting. Great job and this course is very beneficial to me.