Posing tips - some relaxed poses for men

As I said in the previous post, unless they're given instruction or are well-practised, it's quite difficult for someone to just stand in an open space and look perfectly relaxed. So when you ask someone to stand a few feet away so that you can take a photo of them, quite often they'll stand as you see Ben in the above left-side photo, a bit tense and flat-footed.

But most people like to lean on things, especially men, so one easy way around this is find a wall, a post, a pillar, a fence.. anything that your subject can lean against. As you can see from the above photo, Ben looks a lot more relaxed and natural looking when leaning against a post. Notice also his crossed legs and hands in pockets.

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Here's another one leaning against the post, turned sideways this time, and one leg up on the post. By the way, hands in the pockets look best with either the thumbs out or just the thumbs in. Putting the whole hand in could be misconstrued as erm.. playing with something ;-).
Here's one of my wedding photos where I took the opportunity to get the men to lean on the pillars.
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And finally in these posing tips for men, one of my studio photos, notice how i've tried to stand people in different ways, and even in different directions, I prefer that to having them all stand in the same way. Most of the men are leaning on the wall, feet crossed so that they looked relaxed, and arms sometimes crossed for a stronger look. Some of the women are using the Model Pose, and the younger ones are just standing at an angle with legs a little apart and hands in pockets, This is quite a nice pose for teenagers who like to show a bit of attitude!!
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