Some great DSLR tips and trick for photographing moving subjects

This video shows how you can make use of your cameras continuous focussing and multiple focus points to help you get sharp focus.

Your DSLR features has two basic autofocus modes, there's one for shooting stationary subjects and one for moving subjects. Single shot autofocus (AF-S - Nikon) and One-Shot AF (Canon) are well suited to a wide range of subjects, from portraits to close-ups to landscapes. The downside is that once the focus is locked at a certain distance, it stays locked there for as long as you keep the shutter release half-pressed. If your subject moves closer or further away from the camera, then they’ll drop out of focus and appear blurred. The only way around this is to take your finger off the shutter release and half press it again to trigger the autofocus system. As you can imagine, repeatedly doing this to keep track of a rapidly moving subject soon becomes tedious.

When photographing moving subjects, choose the continuous autofocus setting on your camera, also known as AI Servo (Canon) or Continuous-servo AF-C (Nikon), and the camera will continuously adjust the focus of the lens while light pressure is maintained on the shutter release. If the subject moves before you take the shot, no problem – the focus system will continue to track it right up until the moment you release the shutter.