Learn a fantastic tip for flattering your portrait subject with the most wonderful natural light.

Professional portrait and wedding photographers often use this technique, it's an 'open secret' that they've known and used for years. But in my experience, the idea behind this simple natural light portraits trick is not well know amongst amateur photographers, so I thought it was time to spread the word 😉

natural light portrait 01

This is one of my favourites tips, as it's so easy to do, requires absolutely no equipment and if you get it right (and I'll show you how), you can easily get stunning results. That's right, you can take photos with this beautiful light quality, with absolutely any camera, or even a smartphone.

natural light portraits

Just take a look a look at the smooth light on all their lovely little faces! And even though these are quite small images, if you look carefully you can still see how their eyes are sparkling, just imagine how great these images look when they fill the screen or are printed large.

Download my Natural Light Portrait tip e-document, it shows in detail how to get results like this, it's embarrassingly easy and anybody can do it.

I promise you that the great information in this document will change the way you take portraits forever, fantastic results guaranteed - plus it's completely free, I can't say fairer than that!

If you're viewing this on your smartphone just email me, otherwise