Course introduction by Bernie
watch-button What's it all about? - Course Introduction
watch-button Understand the fundamental portrait lighting patterns
watch-button Best camera and lens settings for portraits (repeated from previous course)
Beautiful Portraits using Window Light
watch-button Window Light - Shooting Parallel to Window
watch-button Window Light - Shooting with Window Behind
watch-button Window Light - Shooting Directly into the Window
(Mostly Natural Light) Location Sessions in a rural environment
freeplay2 Pippa - Session 1 - Under a tree - The Alpine look
watch-button Pippa - Session 2 - On a bridge - Adding Depth
watch-button Pippa - Session 3 - By a local Lake - Natural Light and Off Camera Flash
watch-button Pippa - Session 4 - Grungy Environment at back of a supermarket
(Mostly Natural Light) Location Sessions in an urban environment
watch-button Em Session 1 - Outside office building in city centre
watch-button Em Session 2 - Ugly courtyard outside office building in city
watch-button Em Session 3 - Outside another office building in city centre
watch-button Em Session 4 - Shooting against the outside of air-conditioning plant
watch-button TopShade and Dramatic Light
Expressions and Posing discussions
<freeplay2 17 tips for great expresseions
watch-button The positive impact of Negative Space
watch-button 6 reasons why you should mostly take portraits in landscape orientation
Families and Children - Live Sessions in the park
watch-button Follow me on a family location photo session – Part I
watch-button Follow me on a family location photo session – Part II
watch-button Follow me on a location photo session with two young boys
Maternity Photography
freeplay2 Introduction to maternity photography
watch-button Maternity Photography session 1 - Katie standing against the light
watch-button Maternity Photography session 2 - Katie wearing lingerie, on sofa
watch-button   Maternity Photography session 3 - Katie wearing large white shirt, on bed
watch-button   Maternity Photography session 4 - Katie not wearing much at all!
On-Camera Flash
watch-button Moodier, more creative light using 'The Black Foamy Thing'
Off Camera Flash
watch-button Beautiful light, courtesy of a shopping bag
watch-button Moody rainy day indoor portrait
watch-button Film Noir style mobster
watch-button How to get a black background anywhere
Course Conclusion
watch-button Me talking Course conclusion