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Basic Camera Settings (important info used in subsequent lectures)
watch-button   ExposureTrianglePosterUse the Exposure Triangle to understand exposure and get out of the Auto mode
watch-button   Aperture BasicsLens apertures, learn about one of the most important camera settings
watch-button   ShutterSpeedBasicsPosterWhat's a shutter, and what is it used for??
watch-button   ISOSettinjgsPosterThe ISO setting, what is it and what's it for?
watch-button   ExposureCompensationPoster1Exposure Compensation, why you sometimes need to darken or lighten your images
watch-button   FlashOnOffSettingsPosterHow to turn your flash on / off, and why you should know how!

More advanced features & settings
watch-button   ApertureShutterPriorityPosterAperture vs Shutter Speed Priority – Which should you use?
watch-button   ExposureMeterModesPosterExposure metering modes explained
watch-button   FullAutoandP-PosterWhat’s the difference between full Auto and the ‘P’ mode and which is better?

Advanced Exposure Techniques
freeplay2   ManualModePosterManual Exposure Mode is easy and useful- don’t be scared of it!
watch-button   ManualAutoISOPosterManual and Auto ISO – Introducing a third exposure mode!
watch-button   HistogramsPosterHow histograms can help you to take better photos
watch-button   ExposureBracketingFeaturedExposure bracketing, difficult lighting conditions and HDR

Tips for perfect focusing
watch-button   FocussingPoster1Five Tips for tack sharp focussing
watch-button   ContinuousFocussingPosterKeep moving subjects in focus using Continuous Focusing
freeplay2   BackButtonFocusingFeatured'Back Button Focusing', a better way of managing focus?

Creativity and real world scenarios
watch-button   ShutterSpeedCyclistPosterCreative use of shutter speed Pt 1 – The Cyclist
watch-button   ShutterSpeedWaterPosterCreative use of shutter speed Pt 2 – Photographing running water
watch-button   ChurchExposurePosterChurch interiors – What are the best exposure settings to use?
watch-button   PortraitSettingsPosterExposure, metering modes and focusing for portraits

Photographing Landscapes
watch-button      Introduction to Landscape Photography
watch-button      Camera Settings for Landscape Photography
watch-button      Introduction to ND Filters
watch-button      Landscape Session 1 - Shooting high up at sunset
watch-button      Landscape Session 2 - Canal Bridge at Old Linslade
freeplay2   LandscapeColin1FeaturedLandscape Images & settings - Part I
watch-button   LandscapeColin2FeaturedLandscape Images & settings - Part II
watch-button   LandscapeColin3FeaturedLandscape Images & settings - Part III

Tips on improving image quality
watch-button   WhiteBalancePosterWhat is White Balance in photography?
watch-button   RawVsJpgPosterWhich image format should you use, RAW or JPG

Slightly more advanced flash information
watch-button   BasicFlashSettingsOn-board flash basic camera settings
watch-button   FillFlashPosterBrighten up your portraits with a little ‘Fill Flash’
watch-button   SyncSpeedAndHSSFlash maximum sync speed and High Speed Sync

Supplementary documents

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Loved this course
I thoroughly enjoyed Part I. While this course is more technical, I am enjoying it as well. I particularly like the fact that I can go back to the material as often as I like. Bernie's presentation is great!

Good mix of info
Some I knew but being reminded is not a bad thing. Some was new information so a good mix for me. The course is easy to understand and follow and watching more than once reveals new nuggets of information most times. Well worth following the adventures of Bernie and Jane!

stars-5The Next Level
This course has given me a better understanding of how the advanced settings give you the flexible control to better photography viaThe Exposure Triangle. Depth of Field, Aperture Settings, and so on are a compilation of settings required to take you to the next level along with the knowledge that you can use those settings to achieve the results you want next time you pick up your camera.

A great deal of thought went in to delivering,explaining producing this excellent course. Congratulations Bernie well done, and more of the same please

stars-5Lots Of Great Information
This is a fantastic course filled with so much useful information. I am a big fan of Bernie's and he sure came through with this course. You won't be disappointed.

stars-5Great information with a fun presentation
Bernie has me hooked with his wisdom and humour. He knows the subject but doesn't boast which is refreshing.

I look forward to another class in the future.